Are You Working With Young Children With Special Needs?

Supplement your teaching with the only licensed Boom Learning author to provide Boom Decks to correlate with the VB-MAPP Assessment and Placement Guide.

Lizzy's Lessons offers comprehensive Boom Learning Decks designed to correspond with the Milestones and Subskills outlined within the VB-MAPP. If you're working with young children with Autism or other language impairments, the VB-MAPP can be an excellent assessment tool and instructional guide for both parents and teachers. Lizzy's Lessons Boom Cards can be used as informal assessments, during individual teaching times, or for whole-group instruction.

Are You a Parent of a Child with Special Needs Looking for Resources to Use in Your Home?

Contact Liz to discuss custom visual support resources you can use with your child. Choose from a variety of Packages & Services that meets you and your child's needs.

Choose exceptional services for exceptional children

As a preschool education teacher, Lizzy has become very comfortable teaching and creating lessons with her kids in mind. Now, she's here to pass on these very same lessons on to you. You can come to her for:

  • Zoom consultations
  • Boom™ Cards
  • Social stories
Lizzy provides comprehensive instructions within each Boom Deck for instruction, tracking and printing.

Gain the resources to guarantee success

Lizzy, a special education teacher with over a decade of experience understands what it is like to work with tight budgets and ever changing needs. Her Boom Decks are comprehensive and reasonably priced.