Provide Individualized and Comprehensive Boom Decks for Your Students

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The increased accessibility and availability of digital teaching resources has facilitated more student progress in recent years than ever before. COVID changed the world and left teachers scrambling for ways to still provide exceptional educational experiences, especially with our most vulnerable student populations. With hands-on experience, Lizzy's Lessons worked diligently to create Boom Decks (Boom ™ Cards) , digital resources that were aligned with the VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment Program and Placement). As an authorized author to provide products derived from this assessment and placement tool these Boom Cards can be a useful tool for helping any individual demonstrating verbal delays.

While based in Lake Peekskill, NY Lizzy's Lessons Boom Decks are downloadable to anyone with internet access. Boom Decks can be assigned to one or multiple students on your roster. Student responses are automatically tracked, providing an efficient way to target and demonstrate progress with student IEP goals, objectives and individual lessons.